I finally installed my own server. Seems to work pretty well for basic stuff.

Sometimes it feels like and advocates do not want to be friends 🤔

I wonder if I should try as an experimental too 🤔

Can we share stories?

I started my own homeserver on Sept 18 2019, installed all the bridges I could find, and never looked back 🤓

I've been running my personal homeserver for almost... 3 years now?

I think the feature that caught my eye at first was the bridge. Imagine that! Being able to connect to WhatsApp from more than one device at the same time! CRAZY! (yes I know you can now but their 4 device limit is a joke)

Looks like I forgot to do my
Hi! I'm Marco, game developer from Argentina, currently living in Oslo.
I dig
I also spend a lot of time tinkering with ++
I play a lot. Also (just recently)

Toot toot tooooot.


What is a gnomo? No one can be told what a gnomo is. You have to see it for yourself.